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Dining buyers’ guide

Buying the perfect dining table can be a challenge — so we’ve got some expert advice to help you choose.


Your dining table should be the heart of your home, a gathering space for families, partners and friends — and not just for meals. Here’s our step by step dining buyers guide to help you find the perfect dining table and make an inviting statement. 

1. Browse our collection

We show a huge range of dining tables in many materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, engineered wood and marble. Check out some of the quality brands we stock, and see which ones suit your home and lifestyle.
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2. Choose your favourites

Pick your favourite style, extendable or fixed, and add them to a wishlist so you can view and compare them all in one place.

3. Talk to our experts

We want you to have the right table for your home, so make an enquiry or visit our store. We’ll help you decide on the right material, size and design.

Buying a table to suit your lifestyle

Think about how you’ll use your dining table every day — will it be a space for entertaining guests, or dining in comfort with your family? Do you have an open-plan dining area or a separate dining room? We’ll help you optimise your space, whether it’s strictly for dining or a durable all-rounder. Let us know, and we’ll offer expert advice on materials, finishes and whether an extended model will work for you.

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Dining buyers guide material and finish

Materials and finish

Strike a balance between making a statement, durability and functionality. For instance, if you have young kids, it’s all about style and practicality — glass, wood veneer or other anti-scratch materials are perfect. We have a huge range of ceramic top tables available in different sizes and colour options. Ceramics is a very durable material and is resistant to spills, heat and scratches.


Tables come in all shapes and sizes, so pick one that comfortably fits your dining area. Measure the proposed area for the table and allow plenty of room to manoeuvre. Give yourself at least 50cm-70cm of breathing room on all sides to comfortably sit in a chair and move around the space.

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Finish your dining space

Match your table with equally elegant chairs to enhance your dining experience. And for some finishing touches, we can help you choose complementary sideboards, display cabinets and coffee tables that’ll work best in your room


Rectangle tables are the most popular and conventional, so you’ll have a greater choice with these shapes. The classic dining experience.

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We recommend extendable tables if you value versatility and plan on hosting dinner parties or entertaining guests. Many of our extendable tables are customisable, with a variety of sizes and finishes.

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Round or oval tables offer a more informal and intimate dining experience — your family or guests will be seated closer together and there’s no head of the table. You’ll also save more space, so you’re adding practicality to that feeling of cosiness.

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A ceramic finish is achieved by coupling a porcelain stoneware slab with tempered glass. It’s the perfect practical choice — it’s easy to clean and doesn’t absorb liquids, and it’s also resistant to scratches, shocks, stains, heat and chemicals.

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A transparent glass dining table creates the illusion of bigger floor space and can brighten up a room, giving your space a lighter vibe. Glass tables work particularly well with a statement base so that you can see the beauty of the base. They're also low-maintenance as it's easy to wipe. However, it can scratch over time, so consider anti-scratch options.

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Glass can be protected with a scratch-resistant surface coating on one side, so it’s less prone to scratches than conventional glass. Therefore, it maintains its original elegance much longer. With conventional glass, objects such as keys, bracelets and vases can lead to flaws on the surface over time.

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Solid wood furniture — made completely of solid wood pieces — shows all the knots, texture and variations from the original wood. No two pieces are exactly alike, giving each piece a unique character.

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A veneer covering is designed to have the appearance of solid wood — achieved by glueing very thin slices of real wood to a core panel and staining. It is a common misconception that solid wood furniture is always of a higher quality than veneers; however, it all depends on the quality of the woodworking craft. We supply proper veneer quality tables available in a range of finishes, each maintaining the beautiful natural aesthetic of 100% solid wood.

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