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Welcome to our blog. Sharing new collections and helpful tips and advice when it comes to buying furniture for your home.

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ceramic designs tables
Elevating Your Home With A Ceramic Dining Table
We don't give them enough credit, do we? Our dining table bears the weight of school books, laptops, art supplies...

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Inspired by the famous international furniture shows across Europe and the US, we’ve created gallery-style room settings to help you imagine what your chosen piece of furniture will look like in your home. Visit our store to see these photos come to life.

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sofa buyers guide

Sofa guide

Curl up and relax with our top tips on choosing the right sofa that you can’t wait to sink into

dining table guide

Dining guide

Inspiration from our experts on choosing the perfect gathering space for your home.

Bedroom buyers guide

Bedroom guide

From premium bed frames to designer furniture, we’ll help make your bedroom a luxury haven.