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How to Care for Your Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Do you want to maintain your Natuzzi sofa’s appearance for the long term?

Natuzzi is known for its excellent quality and is a great sofa choice, including a 10-year frame warranty for peace of mind.

Still, it’s important to understand how to care for your beautiful sofas and chairs to keep them looking great, right? Here is how to your Nattuzi leather the care it deserves.


Why Proper Natuuzi Care Matters?

Leather is a great choice for covering on a sofa.


It’s practical, durable and overall easier to maintain. Still, it requires regular maintenance.

Not caring for your leather can lead to discolouration and premature wear, which isn’t a great look! Here’s the thing. Taking care of your sofa will extend its lifespan, and who doesn’t want that.

Here are our top tips on how to protect your Natuzzi leather sofa

Understanding Your Natuzzi Leather

It’s important to remember that leather, being a natural material, is sure to soften, stretch and form pools — this is entirely normal and expected to happen. Natuzzi leather grades will wear differently depending on your leather type and grade. For example, leather from Natuzzi’s collection is either Natural or Protected.

    • Protected leather is the most durable and is most suitable for busy family lives. The protection is created by an invisible layer that’s added to the leather in the tannery, and it’s the best leather for peace of mind.
    • In comparison, natural leather is much more vulnerable to spills and stains, but ohh so sumptuous, and Natuzzi believes that the natural blemishes on the hide are just that…a natural beauty, but if you make a spill, it’s going to have to wear out over time.


Understanding Your Natuzzi Leather

Natuzzi Daily Maintenance Tips

Much like our skin, leather sofas also get wrinkles overtime…I know what you are thinking. Do I also have to implement a sofa care routine? The answer is yes; with proper care, you can reduce the visibility of these creases on your sofa.

Just as you start your day by making your bed, consider dressing your sofa after a relaxing evening and before heading to bed by adjusting the leather.

You can do this by pushing the leather back to its original position while it’s still warm to prevent creases from gathering, paying special attention to the seat cushions.

Then, as the leather cools, it reduces the visible effects of stretching and pooling. This daily habit will help retain the shape of your sofa, keeping everything look neat and tidy.


Natuzzi Daily Maintenance Tips

Cleaning Natuzzi Leather Furniture

With a soft cloth, clean off any dust on the surface and pop a sock on your hand to clean those hard-to-reach places… If the worst happens, simply absorb any liquid from the surface of the leather with a paper towel, taking care not to rub it in.

Then wipe away with a warm damp microfibre cloth and dry immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Don’t soak the leather surface or use harsh, solvent-based cleaners. Once clean, allow the leather to air-dry naturally, and don’t dry the leather with a hair dryer.


cleaning a leather sofa

Preventing Damage and Wear

  • Never use products with bleach, as this will damage the leather.
  • Don’t use sanitizing wipes or sprays; they, too, can damage the leather finish.
  • Be careful when using water—too much can cause stains. It’s best to use damp cloths rather than wet ones.

Professional Care and Repair

If something should damage your leather, don’t attempt to repair it. Instead, call us or your retailer, and we can advise you on the best course of action.

Final Thoughts

With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, Natuzzi is the perfect choice for your beautiful, stylish and sumptuous sofa. By following these simple care tips, you can ensure you have many years of happy lounging. Remember, we’re only a click away if you have any questions!

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Fran is the managing director of The 1933 furniture Company. He's experience in the furniture industry spans decades, and he will never steer you wrong with his honest advice!

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