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    Furniture shopping checklist

    The information below will help us get the most out of your visit to our store. With more information, we can help you choose furniture to suit your home, family and lifestyle. Check out our buyers guide for more information and guidance.

    know who the sofa is for

    Know who the sofa is for

    Living spaces need to be multi-functional. Knowing how your space will be used will help us determine a style and configuration that suits your daily life.


    Take photos of the room

    Take photos or a short video clips of your room. It really gives us a sense of your space and what we have to work with.

    room dimensions

    Measure your room

    Room dimensions are one of the most important pieces of information to have prepared when buying a sofa. Take measurements twice, just to be sure.

    Configuration of your room

    Take note of where the doors, windows, radiators, TV and plug sockets are - this could determine where the sofa is positioned.


    Bring samples of your flooring, fabric, wallpaper, paint and colour schemes. This helps coordinate the sofa and tie the room together.