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Mattress buyers’ Guide

You'll sleep soundly knowing you’ve picked the right mattress. Take our expert advice and rest easy with your choice.


Whether you're a side sleeper, or you drop off on your back or front, a good night's rest depends on you choosing the right mattress. We spend more time in bed than almost anywhere else, but too often our mattress is just an after-thought. A mattress is an important investment in your health and wellbeing, but where do you start? Let us tuck you in and guide you through the process.

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Create a peaceful sanctuary away from everyday life with our range of bedroom furniture.
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2. Choose your favourites

We've got beautiful bed frames, upholstered beds, dressing tables, and chests of drawers. As well as mattresses, divans and ottomans — perfect for a bedroom in need of extra storage space.

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Take your time

A good night's sleep helps you keep your health and productivity levels well balanced, and your mattress should also be the perfect balance of support and comfort. Buying the right mattress will give you years of quality sleep, so find one that suits both your comfort level and support needs.

Don't rush in — your body will thank you for taking your time! Try our range of mattresses to find the one that’s just right for your body shape, size and weight.

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How firm?

Firmer isn't always better - it's all about the right support for your body, and it's important to choose a mattress with full support for your hips, the body's heaviest and hardest working joints. If the bed is too soft, there is not enough support from the pocket springs. If you share your bed, consider buying a mattress with edge-to-edge support. This provides the full support of the mattress - excellent for people of different sizes sharing the bed.

Springs and things

We only sell pocket spring mattresses, which offer optimum support by distributing your body weight evenly. Generally, a higher number of springs will offer more support, so look for a higher spring count. If you're a heavier person, a soft mattress won’t be ideal as you may 'sink' into it, leading to back pain.

Think of your mattress as a cake. The base is the springs, and the icing on the cake can be extra comfort layers - a topping of latex, memory foam or supportive gel.

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How big bedroom buyers guide

What size?

Our mattresses and divans come in 3ft, 4ft 6in, 5ft, or 6ft sizes, and the factory has a special offer of providing 3ft 6in or 4ft sizes. So that's everyone catered for, from little kids in single beds, to adults in superking hotel-style luxury.

We've got one golden bedroom rule - go for the biggest mattress that can fit, especially if you've got kids. We all know you can often wake up in the morning with more people in the bed than at the start of the night! So if you need to, bring your partner and kids along to our store, lie on the mattresses and check for space and comfort.

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