Natuzzi Editions

C107 – Chaise Sofa

Natuzzi Editions

C107 – Chaise Sofa

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Sofa chaise with electric

  • Was Price: €5,395
  • Sale Price: €3,795
  • Black Friday Price: €3,595
  • Image is for guidance – lighting conditions and screen colour reproduction may cause variation to the floor model

Product details

Our Natuzzi C107 chaise sofa is currently on Black Friday special price — it comes in stunning cream-protected leather with the chaise available on the left or right.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Upholstered in 100% genuine protected leather- easy to keep clean
  • Electric recliner mechanism for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Chaise sofa provides the luxury of stretching out.
  • Adjustable headrests offer excellent support.
  • Unbeatable value price for Black Friday.
  • Compact size (under 250 cm) means easy fit in many living spaces.

What you’ll need to know:

  • Limited stock is available at a special offer Black Friday price, exclusively in CAT 10 cream leather.
  • Chaise is available on the left or right-hand side.
  • Reclining mechanisms are particularly vulnerable when they’re open, so remember to close them before you get up.
  • Leather is a natural material and will naturally stretch over time. This is known as ‘puddling’ and is entirely normal as it highlights the genuine authenticity of the material.


Dimensions 247 × 158 cm

Why we love this brand

Natuzzi have been making sofas in Italy since 1959 and we have been their partner in Ireland since we opened. We are the largest stock list in country and have over 40 models on display in our store. The Natuzzi name means a guarantee of choice and we are sure to have a sofa that suits you and your family from leather to fabric and many reclining options, sofa beds, corner units , coffee tables and accessories.


Is this leather real? Yes, this is a 100% protected genuine leather sofa which also helps correct the imperfections seen on natural leather products and guards against daily family stains. It can be maintained by wiping it down with a warm, clean damp cloth.
    How long will delivery take? Available for immediate delivery or is coming into stock. Brand new item delivered in original packaging. Please get in touch with us for delivery dates.
      Can I see it in your store? Yes, we aim to display most models from our store on our website, but there are many more in-store, so we always encourage you to visit us.

        What does stock offer mean? Stock offers are new items delivered in their original packaging, ready for immediate delivery or coming into stock. Please enquire for more information about the expected delivery date. .

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Natuzzi Editions - C107 – Chaise Sofa