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Natuzzi Review: Your Complete Guide to Quality, Style, and Comfort

Natuzzi Complete Review For 2024

Natuzzi review 1933 furniture

Who is Natuzzi?

Natuzzi has been making sofas in Italy since 1959, and we have been their partner in Ireland since we opened. At the heart of Natuzzi’s brand is a commitment to quality craftsmanship, and with factories in every corner of the globe, Natuzzi has made the planet a little more comfortable and much more stylish!

who is natuzzi

Brief History and Brand Overview

It can be claimed that Pasquale Natuzzi created the market for affordable leather sofas. Before him, leather was seen as an aspirational, elitist, and expensive product. Through unique design and efficient manufacturing techniques, Natuzzi has continuously innovated to make sofas affordable while keeping quality and inspirational designs at the forefront.

Natuzzi is not only responsible for its considerable growth, but Pasquale Natuzzi has indirectly created the entire manufacturing areas in the beautiful area of Puglia. Many former employees went on to form new companies in the region, many of which are now in our store. Calia Italia, Nicoletti, and Italia Living are all made in the “Italian Sofa District”, as it’s known. This region now employs over 11,000 people, turning over €14 billion, so amazing things can happen from humble beginnings.

Natuzzi’s Product Range

Natuzzi offers a huge range of furniture to complement every room in your home, including upholstered beds, dining tables, occasional furniture, and, of course, amazing sofas.

As a globally recognised brand, Natuzzi covers the full spectrum of styles, from classic Chesterfields with a modern twist to electronically charged reclining corner units.

Many of their designs are modular, allowing you to get creative and customise sofa layouts to perfectly suit your space and of course, we are always delighted to provide guidance on what works best in your room. Here are some of our top picks!

Natuzzi – Greg (C200)

The Natuzzi Editions C200 is crafted with luxurious Italian leather that feels absolutely sumptuous. Its sleek design with slim legs and square shapes gives off a light and contemporary vibe that we just love! You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to choosing fabrics or leather finishes. And since it’s modular, you can customise it to fit your room perfectly.

Natuzzi – Portento (C142)

The Natuzzi Editions C142 has been such a popular model for us, and it’s not hard to see why! Aesthetically, it has such a striking design, but more importantly, it offers excellent comfort. You can choose between fixed or electric reclining styles with adjustable headrests, and there’s plenty of leather or fabric to suit your taste.

Natuzzi – Talento (B993)

The Natuzzi Editions B993 is a neat, off the floor model designed with an eye for mid-century style. We display this sofa in protected tan leather, which suits the look perfectly. The range includes a three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa, with an option to add an armchair – the perfect combination for a cosy, inviting living space.

When buying any sofa, there are four questions to think about

You should think about:

1. Comfort: Comfort is so personal, and Natuzzi sofas are all soft to medium sits, which means that they are supportive, but you definitely sit on the sofa rather than in the sofa.

2. Design: Natuzzi has been an innovator in our industry for more than 60 years. Sofas have developed from static to manual reclining to non-electric battery-powered reclining with a triple function that offers ultimate comfort with head, back, and leg support.

3. Style: They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and never has this been more true than when you look at sofas and choices. From elevated designs to floor-level styles, wide arms to slim ones, with head movement options or static features, the choices are vast. Explore our styles, consult our experts, and if you’re still confused, narrow down to a shortlist and sit on it!

4. Price and Value: Natuzzi sofas are known for comfort, quality, and design. Though they come at a premium price, it’s for a good reason! Their quality craftsmanship and Italian design make them an investment that will last many years, which is why they offer a 10-year frame warranty. Considering all the times you’ll flop down on it after a long day or gather around it with loved ones for movie nights, you’ll want a sofa that looks fantastic and feels like home every time you lounge into it. So, it’s worth taking the time to choose the right one.

Comparing Natuzzi with Other Brands

There are many sofa companies in Italy, but only one Natuzzi. It’s fair to say that Natuzzi inspired many other fantastic companies, and all of them have their own unique points of difference.

Calia Italia for its imaginable modular design and leather. Italia Living for sumptuous comfort and Nicoleti for inspirational designs and unique leather. However, all of them agree that Natuzzi has been the pioneer in our industry, and all these years later, they’re still setting the standards for everyone to match.


Natuzzi Editions - B908 brown leather sofa
Natuzzi Editions – B908 brown leather sofa

Wrapping Up

There you have it; for those looking for comfort, versatility and functionality, Natuzzi’s sofas with a 10-year frame warranty are a fantastic choice. We hope you found this review helpful as you begin your sofa-shopping journey.

If you’re still doing some sofa soul-searching, and would like more advice, contact us today or visit our store in Navan.

In the meantime, explore our Natuzzi collection online to get an idea of your favourite. With over 30+ models to choose from, we have the largest range of Natuzzi sofas in Ireland and are often less expensive. Our team are happy to answer any questions about materials, protections, finishes We’re happy to answer any questions about materials, protections and finishes to ensure you get the best price and the sofa that is perfect for your space.

Until next time, happy shopping from all the 1933 Furniture Company Team.


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