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Elevating Your Home With A Ceramic Dining Table

We don’t give them enough credit, do we? Our dining table bears the weight of school books, laptops, art supplies and the Friday night Chinese. Let’s not forget the late-night chats when the kids are tucked up in bed, those heart-to-heart with our teens, and of course, where you savour that first morning cup of coffee (we can almost taste it).

What you’re looking for should be durable but also stylish, beautiful, and well-suited to your taste. You can have the best of both worlds with ceramic! In this guide, we want to delve into the countless benefits of choosing a ceramic table and show our most popular models, so the only question left to answer will be “Who’s doing the dishes?”

What Are Ceramic Tables?

Ceramics is man-made material crafted by coupling a porcelain stoneware slab with a tempered float glass. But what really matters is that ceramic has been a popular choice for our customers for a myriad of reasons. Let’s dive into them now!

what is ceramic

Ceramic Dining Table Pros and Cons

When picking the perfect dining table, consider its features, benefits and downsides (if any). With all the info, you’ll be able to make the best decision. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of owning a ceramic dining table.

The Pros:

  Durability: Ceramic tables stand the test of time, no matter how busy or chaotic the household is! Ceramics are renowned for their durability as they have remarkable resistance to heat, stains, and scratches. Compared to other tabletop materials, they’re less susceptible to surface damage caused by sharp or abrasive objects.

  Aesthetic Appeal: There is no denying that a ceramic dining table is beautiful to look at with its standout smooth and refined appearance. Ceramics also provides a wide range of choices in terms of colours, patterns, and finishes. Whether it’s vibrant or soft tones, complex hand-painted patterns, or various finishes like glossy, matte, or textured, ceramic offers limitless possibilities to create the look you’re after.

  Low Maintenance: No matter what your home life is like, you should know that your furniture is working for you. Low-maintenance furniture like ceramic dining tables is the smartest choice. You want something that day-to-day is going to be easy to clean and preserve.

  Heat Resistant: One of the appealing features of ceramic dining tables is their heat-proof property. They can withstand high temperatures without becoming damaged or discoloured. This means you can pop down any hot dishes or pots directly onto the table without a second thought.

  Stain Proof: Children (and us adults) can be messy. With homework, art projects and the rest taking place around this focal point in the home, there are bound to be some messes. Luckily, ceramic tables are highly resistant to damage like strains and scratches because of their smooth and durable surface.

  Easy to Clean: All it takes is some warm water and a damp cloth. Ceramics are non-porous, meaning stains cannot penetrate the material. With regular cleaning and minimal effort, ceramic tables can stay in excellent condition.

●   Minimal Fading: Ceramic tables are known for their resistance to fading, ensuring that their vibrant colours and patterns remain intact over the years.

calligaris ceramic dining table

The Cons:

The reality is, choosing new furniture is a personal endeavour. Your decision will be influenced by factors such as your lifestyle, the type of space you have and your unique taste.

A couple of things to note:

  • Ceramic is a heavier material. If you don’t plan on moving it around, this will be no problem.
  • As you may know ceramic is cold to the touch, unlike warmer materials like wood. This comes down to personal taste and what you’d prefer for your home.

calligaris monogram table

Why Choose Ceramic Over Marble?

In the past, Marble was all the rage for those seeking that classy and polished look. But guess what? Ceramics are here to give you that same refined look without all the downsides of Marble. You see, ceramics offer a comparable appearance but are way more practical. No more worrying about pesky cracks or the material being porous. It’s a game-changer! In fact, most dining furniture suppliers now rely solely on ceramic to provide the desired look, making it not only equally stunning as marble… but more practical. 

calligaris cartesio white ceramic table

Choosing The Right Ceramic Table

There are so many options out there for dining tables. You only have to step foot in the 1933 Furniture Company showroom to see it! Before you go excitedly, and perhaps hastily purchase a new ceramic dining table, first consider the space it is going into. It would be incredibly disappointing to fall in love with a piece to find out that it will not work in your home. Here are some key aspects to consider. 

  Size: This is crucial when choosing the right ceramic dining table. If you don’t want to get stuck between the table and the wall, consider how much space you have to work with before making any other decisions. Measure the area where the table should go, and leave plenty of room for movement.

  SizeConsider the golden rule; choose a table based on the shape of your room. For example, square and circular tops work better in square rooms while rectangular or oval-shaped tables best suit rectangular rooms.

  Finish: Decide what type of finish you would like on the surface of your table. There are plenty to choose from like glossy, matte and lots of colour finishes.

   Fixed or Extension: Making the most of a space is something we all value. Your house should serve your needs, and there are some clever ways to make the most of your available space. For instance, choose an extendable table with a hidden extension leaf that can be used on special occasions if you like the option of extra seats around the table. If you don’t have tons of space, then a fixed ceramic dining table may work for you.

Our Most Popular Ceramic Dining Tables 

Omnia – Dining Table:  The Calligaris Omnia table boasts a suspended tabletop and easy-opening mechanism, ingeniously designed to keep the legs nestled at the corners when extended. This stunning centrepiece is available in an abundance of options to suit your needs.

calligaris omnia extendable dining table


Cameo – Dining Table: The elegant oval silhouette of the Cameo would complement a wide range of contemporary home decor styles. You can select from a variety of ceramic finishes for the tabletop, and with the option to choose complementary finishes for the central column, you have the freedom to personalise it according to your style preferences.

calligaris ceramic omnia dining table

Icaro – Dining Table: This is a real show-stopper! This stunning centrepiece is available in a range of sizes and base finishes to suit your needs. Match with elegant chairs for a modern and sleek design. 

Calligaris icaro dining table

Have a burning question about one of our ceramic dining tables? Call us on (046) 9093012.

We hope this article helps you make the right decision. Creating spaces in our customers’ homes that they will love and that can last for decades is something we take great pride in at The 1933 Furniture Company. We would love to chat with you further if you need more advice! Get in touch with us or drop by our store.


5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Sofa

How You Can Extend The Life of Your Sofa (3)

We all have regrets, and like Frank Sinatra said; “I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention.” Buying a new sofa can be daunting, especially with so many designs, styles and colours available. The last thing you want to do is make the wrong choice. But, if you keep a few key points in mind, it can be a lot less overwhelming and, dare we say it… fun? It’s not something you should have to do often, but when you do, here are a few common mistakes when buying a sofa we’d like to help you avoid. Continue reading “5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Sofa”

Will My Sofa Fit In My House?

pivot gif - making a sofa fit

You’ve just gone through the process of picking the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Maybe you settled on a fabric or leather sofa, or perhaps you absolutely know you want an L-shaped one big enough for the whole family. A detail you may have overlooked with all the excitement was whether it would fit in your house or apartment! And we don’t just mean in the living room space, we’re talking about how it will manoeuvre through narrow doorways, hallways and perhaps even stairs. 

In this practical guide, we’ll cover all areas to be considered when buying a new sofa, so you can make the best possible choice for the space you have. If you’re scratching your head thinking, “will my sofa fit in my house?” keep on reading. Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck on a staircase screaming “PIVOT!” with our expert help. 

1) Will my sofa fit in the room?

This is where a little imagination and some masking tape are required in equal measure. Look at the space you have and take some measurements of where you want it to go. You can do this by laying down newspaper on the floor and taping it down in the shape and size of your desired sofa. Consider the other piece of furniture in the area. After all, you don’t want your nose touching the telly.

An expert team tip:  Remember that it’s not just about whether it technically fits. You still need to be able to use the room and ensure that the furniture isn’t taking up all of the space

Will My Sofa Fit into my living room

2) Will my sofa fit through the doorway?

Consider the dimensions of your sofa vs. the space in the home.  The Irish “sure, it will be grand” won’t cut it here. The delivery team are good but they can’t work miracles if it just won’t fit! Remember, it has to come off a delivery van and come through many spaces to get to the living room. Will it fit through door frames, corridors, hallways, stairs and landings? We know it sounds a bit overwhelming and there is a lot to consider. However, with a bit of preparation, the delivery day can go off without a hitch. 

An expert team tip:  To help prevent any delivery day disasters, look for information on the dimensions of each item of furniture. All of our listed sofas come with their specific dimensions in the product spec sheets, showing you all the individual specifications from a particular collection. Keep in mind that the legs of sofas often come separately, so take this into consideration when measuring the overall dimensions.

Will My Sofa Fit into my house


3) Will my sofa fit upstairs? 

If you’re putting your sofa to a room upstairs or apartment, measure the width of the stairs against the the height of sofa. Other things to be aware of are handrails, light fixtures and fittings and anything else that could potentially obstruct a clear pathway.


Will My Sofa Fit upstairs

4) Will my sofa fit in the elevator?

Living in an apartment block shouldn’t mean that you miss out on getting the gorgeous new sofa you’ve been eyeing up. We think everyone deserves a luxurious sofa! So, what do you do? Be prepared by making sure the sofa can be stood upright, and be aware of the maximum load allowed (including people). 

An expert team tip: look out for sofas that can be ordered in small combinations to avoid a staircase Ross Geller moment.

Will My Sofa Fit In My Elevator


5) Finally, dreaded turns…

We think that corners and turns are the real villains when it comes to fitting your new sofa. Be mindful that your new sofa may need to be stood upright, from floor to ceiling to fit into the chosen room – is that possible? Make sure to check the doorway frame height vs the length of your sofa and you should be all set!


Will My-Sofa Fit In My room

After all of that, what to do if your couch doesn’t fit? Try not to stress or panic. Our team will try their best to come up with a solution for you. However, you won’t need it, will you? You should be well equipped now to confidently buy and arrange delivery of your new sofa!

If customers are still unsure, we ask them to send a video and pictures, and if needed, our delivery drivers can visit the location to evaluate access. Honestly, this stuff is our bread and butter so get in touch, we’d be more than happy to walk you through each step of buying a sofa, from viewing our store, to placing your order and organising delivery

Until next time, happy shopping from all the 1933 Furniture Company Team.

How to choose the right dining room table?


If our dining tables could talk… we’re sure they’d have a lot to say! After all, it’s where family, partners and friends gather to not only eat but spend quality time together. This special space is truly the heartbeat of the home! From slow Sunday morning breakfasts, candlelight dinners interrupted by the pitter-patter of tiny feet above, game nights that always end up in an argument, and everything you can think of in between.

The dining table will experience so much in the span of its life, and as a key piece of furniture, it’s good to remember that it’s a genuine investment. You’ll want something that will not let you down in a couple of years, and that can withstand… life! Because let’s face it, life is messy and chaotic at times. Not only that, you want the table to be the focal point of your home. A place that people gravitate towards.

Much like choosing a sofa, knowing exactly how your dining table will be used throughout the week will determine what size, shape, material, and table style will best match your home. To help you get a better idea about what you’ll need, we’ve broken down the seven most important areas of consideration to help you find a table that you will love for many years!

What this article covers:

  1. Size – what size table suits best
  2. Shape – will shape be a factor
  3. Use – who will use the table and how
  4. Materials and finish – wood, ceramic and more
  5. Dining chairs – fabric or leather 
  6. Extending or fixed –  have you the space to extend
  7. Base or legs –  have you considered legroom

Continue reading “How to choose the right dining room table?”

5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Sofa

You’ve finally found the perfect sofa to suit your home. After spending hours browsing, researching online and visiting furniture stores, it makes sense to dedicate some time to taking care of it. If you clean and care for your sofa, it’ll keep that fresh from the store look and will last longer too. So whether you have a fabric or leather sofa, here is how to give it the care it deserves.

Scroll below to read:

  1. The basics – general care for your sofa 
  2. Daily care for your sofa
  3. Monthly care for your sofa
  4. Close recliners before getting up
  5. Turn & rotate back & seat cushions

1) The basics – general care

No matter how comfy your sofa looks after a hard day’s slog — it’s best not to fall into it with your full weight each time you sit down. Treat it with care and try to avoid sitting on the arms, or let children use it as a trampoline!

Another golden rule is to try to avoid wearing dark-coloured denim. As anyone with leather car seats can testify, the indigo dye can transfer and stain the leather or fabric over time.

For long-term care, be aware that direct heat and strong direct sunlight will cause fading. To help minimise these effects, we recommend that you keep your sofa at least 50 cm from sources of heat such as radiators and consider voiles or blinds on the windows, or throws on the sofa. Protect your investment!


alexander & James vivienne velvet sofa
Alexander & James Vivienne sofa

2) Daily care for your sofa

Just like you start the day by making your bed, you should also dress your sofa every day. It only takes a minute to give it a little smooth and plump in the morning. Smooth out back and seat pads, especially on leather sofas to avoid sagging, and plump up fabric cushions.

Scatter back sofas will need more plumping, so a fixed-back sofa may work better for you if you like to save time with your household chores.

This will help retain the shape of your sofa, keeping everything looking neat and tidy — it’s like anti-ageing for your sofa.


Rose sofa by Lounge Company
Rose sofa by Lounge Company

3) Monthly care for your sofa

Dirt and debris can lead to wear and tear and colour fading, so you should clean your sofa once a month to keep it in good condition. It’s important to remember that fabric and leather sofas will require different types of care so follow the instructions below to clean each material!

How to clean a leather sofa: With a soft cloth, clean off any dust on the surface and pop a sock on your hand to clean those hard-to-reach places. Avoiding spillages or stains on a sofa might be obvious, but it’s particularly important if you have untreated, natural leather, which is more susceptible to scratching and staining. If you don’t need this extra stress in your life, don’t sweat. Consider choosing protected leather sofas which have good resistance to general wear and stains. If the worst happens, simply absorb any liquid from the surface of the leather with a paper towel, taking care not to rub it in. Then wipe away with a warm damp microfibre cloth and dry immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Don’t soak the leather surface, or use harsh, solvent-based cleaners. Once clean, allow the leather to air-dry naturally, and don’t dry the leather with a hair dryer.

cleaning a leather sofa

How to clean a fabric sofa: Lightly brush your sofa with a soft-bristled brush. Then vacuum the cushions, back and seat pads using a brush attachment on a gentle setting to avoid any kind of damage to the fabric. If possible, make sure to clean under seats as well as vacuuming the cracks and crevices with a nozzle fitting. We’re firm believers in ‘finders keepers’ when it comes to any loose change found down the back of the sofa — a great incentive to get your kids or grandkids to do this monthly chore!

We would always recommend that you steam clean your fabric sofa once a month. This will prevent any marks or creases. For small spills, resist the urge to rub the stain, as this will only push it further into the fabric and cushion padding, making it harder to remove. Instead, soak up the stain with a dry paper towel as soon as possible, then gently wipe with a damp cloth and warm water. Immediately dry with a soft, dry cloth, and once dry, give it a quick vacuum.

cleaning a fabric sofa

4) Close recliners before getting up

Reclining chairs and sofas are vulnerable when they’re open, so remember to close them before you get up, or when they’re not in use. And even if they’ve got the latest games console, kids still love playing with electric reclinersTo avoid damage when kids or grandkids are feeling playful, always unplug the recliner when it’s not in use.


Natuzzi recliner corner sofa
Diesis corner sofa by Natuzzi Italia

5) Turn & rotate back & seat cushions

We’re creatures of habit, so there’s a good chance you sit in the same spot every day! Try to switch it up a bit, to avoid excessive wear and tear in that one spot. If your sofa design allows it, regularly rotate, swap or flip your cushions, backs and seat pads. This will help the foam and fibre cushions to recover, so your sofa looks better over time, and stays comfortable.


xooon lima leatherlook corner sofa
Leatherlook corner sofa by XOOON

We hope you found these tips helpful, and maybe you’re reading this thinking it’s a little too late to restore the life of your old sofa. If you’d like more help, contact one of our experts for advise. If you’re considering looking for a new one, check out a stunning collection of luxurious sofas online and instore

Until next time!


Related Articles

Leather Vs Fabric Sofas: Which Will You Choose?

To L With That — How to pick the perfect corner sofa

Leather Vs Fabric Sofas: Which Will You Choose? 

leather vs fabric sofas which will you choose

Although not quite as serious as the red or white wine debate, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is whether to buy a leather or fabric sofa. We get it, making an investment in a piece of furniture you hope will last 10+ years is not to be taken lightly. We also know that walking into any store or viewing a catalogue online can initially feel overwhelming. With so much choice, comes a lot of decision-making! At The 1933 Furniture Company, we believe that picking out your new sofa should be a positive experience and why shouldn’t it be?! With a little bit of know-how, you can pick the right sofa for you. 

There is no right or wrong answer in the leather vs fabric sofa debate. Ultimately you should look beyond the material and consider aspects such as comfort, style and durability so without further ado, we’re taking leather and fabric head to head to help you make up your mind. 

What this article covers:

Leather Vs Fabric Sofa Round # 1: Comfort

If you walked into our store and asked our team, “what is the most comfortable sofa”, you’d probably get a different answer from each of us! Comfort is truly a subjective thing! Some people like a soft sofa you can lie on and sink into, while others might prefer a firmer sit, so it’s personal preference. Keeping that in mind, there are definitely some factors that will contribute to comfort, such as height, weight, lounge position and most importantly, how much couch potato-ing you plan on doing! To help you make the ultimate decision, here are some notable features of both. So, which will win the comfort point for you? 

Leather Sofas: Leather sofas have a hardwood frame which means they’re structurally very sound. They have a foam layer with dacron wrap that creates an interior dome-like shape, so leather is definitely the way to go if you prefer something firmer to sit on. While you won’t get that squishy sinking feeling you get on a fabric sofa, it’s important to be aware that leather material will stretch and soften over time. That’s not to say that you can’t create that cosy feeling with a leather sofa, why not add some plush throws or cushions in different textures to give you the same effect?


Alexander & James - Tod corner sofa
Alexander & James – Tod corner sofa

Fabric Sofas: Like a leather sofa, fabric sofas also have a hardwood frame. They’re really comfortable, warm and cosy — perfect for curling up on, especially in winter! Fabric, inevitably, is soft by nature and offers more filling options like foam with fibre or feather wraps. All these options will give you different levels of comfort, depending on your preference!


Alexander & James - Haven collection
Alexander & James – Haven collection

Leather Vs Fabric Sofa Round # 2: Design 

While everyone has their preference over design – it’s not what it used to be. Sometimes, there can be a preconceived notion that fabric is seen as a more classic choice, and leather is more contemporary. However, this has changed in recent years with innovative manufacturing techniques. You can find all sorts of styles in either fabric or leather that incorporate classic and contemporary elements, so we’re seeing customers looking at both styles! We see this is a wonderful thing, as your options have expanded. 

Leather: We only sell real leather which has such a luxurious and elegant feel but at the same time “lived-in”. If your interior style leans toward clean and modern, then leather may be the route to go. They generally only come in one all-over colour, making it easier to coordinate into the room’s colour scheme. And if you feel like you might get tired of a colour choice, remember you can refresh the room’s look by simply changing pillows and throws.


Natuzzi Editions - C142 sofa
Natuzzi Editions – C142 sofa

Fabric: From a design perspective, the sky is really no limit with fabric sofas. Classically offering pillow back and fixed covers in addition to loose-cover options (and more recently, adjustable headrests), there’s an endless variety of patterns, textures and colours available for your choosing! Many of our manufacturers now also offer plain fabric materials on their leather models, so we see far more cross-over in Italian design-driven styles. If you’re looking for something more contemporary with the added comfort of a soft and cosy feel, fabric sofas are an option.


Natuzzi Editions - C141 sofa
Natuzzi Editions – C141 sofa

Leather Vs Fabric Sofa Round # 3: Durability

Kids, family, friends, animals… your sofa will go through the day-to-day living of life. It is a big investment you’ll want to see last for years to come. It’s great that you love it, but is it practical? Arguably (one of) the most important factors to consider is how durable your sofa is. You need something that is family-friendly, easy to maintain and that will keep the look you loved in the first place. 

Leather Sofas: Protected leather is a durable material because of its strength and it can be easily maintained by wiping it down with a warm, clean damp cloth. If your living space is also the dining area, homework room, ice-cream parlour, and colouring station, spills are inevitable. So, a leather sofa might be your best bet. Overall, leather can just take that extra punishment and brings that peace of mind you don’t get from fabric sofas!


A&J - Bailey sofa
A&J – Bailey sofa

Fabric Sofas: Fabric’s durability will vary depending on the quality and type used. However, it’s important to remember that while both leather and fabric sofas should be dressed daily, fabric sofas generally need that little extra attention. A fabric sofa can be vulnerable to stains and might not suit a family with young children. However, thanks to upholstery technologies, many manufacturers now offer family-friendly fabric materials, which might be a solution for you. Also, as any parent will testify, children love to use the sofa as a trampoline, and fabrics can begin to look a little worse for wear over time.


Neptune - Shoreditch sofa
Neptune – Shoreditch sofa

Leather Vs Fabric Sofa Round # 4: Value

You want and deserve to get value for what you pay for. The cost of any sofa will depend on the grade of fabric and leather you go for. Characteristically, leather is a more expensive material, leaving fabric to be the known lower-cost option. Nonetheless, every single piece of furniture you see at our store or online is of fantastic quality. Your choice is ultimately going to come down to a range of considerations like your preferences when it comes to comfort, the design and how easy it will be to maintain within your lifestyle. Essentially the sofa that ticks everything you’re looking for should prove to be the best investment as it will last you many years.


Natuzzi Editions - B908 brown leather sofa
Natuzzi Editions – B908 brown leather sofa

What Do We Think

We think this is a decision you must make solo (or with your family/friends). The best thing is, there’s no right or wrong answer. You can make the right choice based on what you value the most when it comes to your lifestyle, family and comfort needs. A politician’s answer…Maybe, but it’s the absolute truth! Living spaces these days need to be multi-functional, so knowing how your room will be used throughout the week will help determine whether leather or fabric will suit your day-to-day life. 

Our top tips for leather sofas: Check out Natuzzi Editions and Italia Living for an extensive range 

Our top tips for fabric sofas: Alexander & James and Neptune offer a variety of beautiful colours and fabrics to choose from

What Do You Do Now?

Hopefully, now you feel more equipped to make the best decision for you and your home. Even if we’ve helped you weigh up your options, it’s always good to get some extra advice from furniture experts. Costs of sofas can vary depending on the grades of fabrics and leathers you choose. Get in touch to help guide you make an informed decision on materials, protections and finishes — we’re always ready to offer advice on picking the perfect piece for your home.

Until next time, happy shopping and sofa trying!

When the sofa is the star of the show

From sitcoms, chat shows and movies, much of our favourite screen drama happens on a sofa — but it usually just blends in with the rest of the furniture. But (cue 80s movie trailer voiceover), in a world of overpaid actors, what happens when the sofa refuses to take a back seat, and becomes the star of the show? When it’s more than just about getting bums on seats? Here’s a list of 10 times the sofa refuses to fade into the background.



1. The Sopranos – Meeting of minds sitdown

You don’t need to be a wise guy to know this Chesterfield sofa is a classic, so sink in and open up the room to deep conversation. Let’s just hope when you have visitors over for a ‘sit-down’ that the stakes aren’t as high as this attempt by the crime families to call a truce.

Why we love it: It’s a simple, iconic and classic sofa design. It looks comfortable enough to take the edge off a tense meeting, and will age better than Paulie’s one-liners.

Get the look: We can make you an offer you can’t refuse with Halo Chester sofa or Hugo sofa by Alexander & James, available in a range of sumptuous leathers.

2. Friends – Monica’s Couch

From eye-rolling at Joey, simple gossiping or hatching plans, Monica’s sofa was the Friends’ favourite hangout spot. Every group has their go-to space (well, not now, but soon) and Monica’s apartment hit the spot. Whether you’re single, in a relationship or on a break, this sofa would give you years of love.

Why we love it: It’s the perfect comfy, casual sofa to fall into. And because it’s neutral white, the room’s vibrant colour scheme leaps out. Then again, a white couch won’t be pet/Marcel-proof!

Get the look: If you share Monica’s eye for detail, then look to Neptune for inspiration. They have a modern take on classic furniture that works seamlessly together and is as dependable as a best friend. It’s no coincidence that Neptune’s best selling sofa is even called the Long Island, where Monica grew up with her best friend Rachel.

3. Mad Men -— Mid century modernist marvels

You don’t need a snappy Don Draper ad slogan to convince you of Mad Men’s glorious mid-century modernist interior design — when the sofa was always the star. Mad Men was always as famous for its style as its plot, and we’d just love to sink into one of those grand sofas with a freshly poured old-fashioned cocktail.

Why we love it: Those clean lines and timeless contemporary feel.

Get the look: Natuzzi are renowned for its sleek Italian design and have a range of retro and mid-century styles. Pasquale Natuzzi began his furniture design journey in 1959, and he still manages to capture that mid-century magic decades later.

4. New Girl – The loft

Who knows how Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston can afford loft apartment 4D in LA’s hipster arts district, but we’re all so busy ogling the cool space that we forget these little details. The show’s set designers really have captured the ultimate cool modern space.

Why we love it: That creative open-plan loft apartment feel, that’s never going out of fashion.

Get the look: For effortless cool, XOOON is your go-to spot for scaling loft-y heights. Stylish accessories by Coco Maison can complete the look.

5. Oprah’s Couch

One of the most iconic pop culture moments of our time starred a sofa — and let’s just say it was a springboard to Tom Cruise becoming even more (in)famous in 2005. As Tom bounced up and down on the couch declaring his love for Katie Holmes, furniture lovers like ourselves winced in horror at the potential damage.

Why we love it: Can’t say we love the look here but it really does look soft and bouncy‚ it could really give you a lift in the evenings.

Get the look: Unless you want your kids turning your living room into a bouncy castle party the next time they’re over, avoid this one!

6. Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw’s sofa

Carrie Bradshaw’s amazing walk-in wardrobe may have got the lion’s share of the jealousy points in Sex and the City, but her whole apartment, and especially her sofa, was its own cool NYC character — with a proper lived-in, relatable quality.

Why we love it: That understated luxury is just full-on classy.

Get the look: We can’t promise you a celeb circle gossip column, but a Collins and Hayes sofa can make you feel more like Carrie.

7. Somethings Gotta Give – Beach house luxury

Diane Keaton’s upmarket beach house in the Hamptons sets up all the best scenes in the classic 2003 romantic comedy. Whether it’s Jack Nicholson pontificating, or Keanu Reeves as Diane’s younger love interest lounging and having a read. We could spend forever on that sofa wondering if she made the right decision…

Why we love it: It’s an upscale classic — imagine drifting off with a paperback on your chest, listening to the waves through an open window.

Get the look: It has to be Neptune for some Upstate New York sophistication. Comfortable, classy and casual all in one. If only Keanu was included…

8. The Simpsons – Joke still not threadbare

If your sofa lasted as long as the famous ‘couch gags’ in the Simpsons’ intro, you’d be a happy customer. The Springfield family’s homely brown sofa is a no-nonsense, dependable family piece of furniture that’s function over form — but it always looks like the perfect spot for watching TV.

Why we love it: Comfortable enough to keep a crackpot family at bay while watching TV, and durable enough to survive Homer’s Duff beer stains.

Get the look: We’re not sure if Marge and Homer went for these luxury materials, but a sofa in brown is an instant classic.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Mid-century quirky glam

Was Holly Golightly the first New York shabby chic screen hipster? She checks a few boxes with her luggage storage bins, makeshift crate coffee table, and this delightfully bizarre sofa that’s cut from a clawfoot bathtub. In fairness, Ms Golightly could look impossibly elegant curling up in a Tesco trolley.

Why we love it: Just the what-the-hell impracticality and coolness.

Get the look: Call us old fashioned, but we do believe baths are for, well, baths. Unless you’re trying to score hipster points or you run an Audrey Hepburn Instagram tribute account, this one just isn’t practical.

10. Frasier – Martin Crane’s chair

Let’s face it — most of us have a piece of furniture that’s seen better days, and wouldn’t make a fiver in a car boot sale. But there’s something comforting about an old sofa or armchair that’s literally become part of the furniture. Up against his sons Frasier and Niles’ flamboyant refinement, Martin’s hideous green striped chair was the heart of many of the sitcom’s most iconic scenes.

Why we love it: A classic case of looks don’t matter, and the joy in familiarity.

Get the look: Seriously, let’s not go there…

That’s a wrap

From understated contemporary cool to timeless classic, we love taking inspiration from the screen — and we can help you match a look from your favourite shows. We might draw the line at a grotty green striped armchair, but we’ll do our best! Enjoy up to 50% off our sofa sale our sofa sale today and Let us know how we can help. we can introduce you to some of the star attractions in our sofa showroom.

And if you think we’ve missed any of your favourite sofa screen stars, let us know in the comments!

Until next time,
The 1933 team.

Chris O’Hara Art Gallery At 1933

We thought we’d do something a little different for this blog post. As you know, a home is so much more than the furniture you put inside it. It’s about creating an atmosphere that not only represents your style but also how you want to feel in your home. Whether that’s, dark and moody, warm and cosy or minimalist and bright.

1933 Galley Space

We’ve floated the idea of having an art gallery in store at The 1933 Furniture Company for the past couple of years. As a part of a more holistic approach to helping our customers make their house a home. We’ve got an extensive range of furniture pieces large and small, soft furnishings and lighting. So adding artwork felt like the next natural, organic step. Enhancing the vibe of the store, and offering customers something a little different.

We knew a gallery is the only way to truly showcase art and the story behind each piece, as opposed to having artwork displayed around the store. We never found the kind of eye-catching artwork we were looking for until we saw Chris O’Hara and one of his pieces on Pippa O’Connor’s Instagram. We immediately fell in love with his work, and we think that many people who visit our store would feel the same. After reaching out, we met up with him and found him to be very warm, grounded and passionate. We knew it was a perfect fit!

Introducing Chris O’Hara

Chris O’Hara of Dublin is a former entrepreneur and has been working as a full time abstract artist since 2014. Boasting a clientele of well-known Irish personalities such as Pippa O’Connor, Vogue Williams and Lucy Kennedy. He’s even been commissioned by Royalty such as Zara Phillips, and Christy Moore. Admittedly, Christy Moore is not officially a Royal. But he’s the closest thing we’ve got to the King of Ireland!

Best known for his multi-layered, large scale, abstract, geometric and modern paintings in acrylic and mixed media. Chris is an intuitive and organic painter. His pieces are bright, colourful and full of energy. Many clients say his paintings simply make them smile. No two paintings are the same. So you get a unique interpretation of pattern, shape, texture, colour and line with each painting. Chris probably best sums up his style saying, “It’s a process of just letting go and having fun with the colours and the paint itself.”

Art For The Home

Whereas furniture in the home meets the function, artwork invokes the feeling. Adding some personality to a room, enhancing the mood, light and attitude. As well as bringing the whole design and look together. Small art pieces are the best choice for the small rooms that have less free space. However, large rooms can carry off larger abstract, colourful paintings, as well as bouncing light around a room.

From his time travelling the country meeting clients in their homes. Chris has noticed living spaces have become more minimalistic and clutter-free. Whether the colour palettes are bright and neutral, or dark and moody. Most people are looking for a large piece of art that adds a splash of colour to a room. Or to bring all the colours together to create a cohesive look in the space.

Chris O’Hara at The 1933 Furniture Co.

We have curated a unique selection of Chris O’Hara’s artwork in a variety of canvas sizes, available to view in-store in our dedicated gallery space. He’s also been working on a new collection for The 1933 Furniture Company, designed specifically with the home and interior trends in mind, which we hope to launch before the end of the year. For original and unique art, especially on such a large scale, Chris O’Hara’s work is very accessible. His pieces start from €650 and you can purchase directly from our gallery at The 1933 Furniture Company.

Bespoke Commission Artwork from Chris O’Hara

You can also contact Chris directly if you would like to commission a bespoke piece of artwork instead. He offers a free, no-obligation consultation and call out service to your home. And Chris looks after the delivery and hanging of the painting. See his website or social media for more details.

We really hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired and a little more confident about purchasing art for your home. We’re sure you’ll love Chris O’Hara art as much as we do. We look forward to welcoming you back into our store and showcasing his new collection for The 1933 Furniture Company as soon as restrictions allow. In the meantime, we are still available to contact via phone or email.

Stay safe and well,

The 1933 Team!

5 Things to do before you go sofa shopping

5 things to do before you go sofa shopping

When it comes to sofa shopping these days, it’s important to do research and plan ahead. We’re no strangers to creating Pinterest boards or saving images on Instagram for some style inspiration, so by the time we visit a furniture store, we often have a fair idea of what we’re looking for. Still, it’s our job to steer you in the right direction and help refine your choices. With more information, we can help you save time later down the road and choose a style that suits your home, family and lifestyle. So before you begin looking at sofas, take some time to consider the following five tips!

  1. Who is the sofa for?
  2. Take a videos/photos of your room
  3. Calculate the room dimensions
  4. Think about the configuration of your room
  5. Bring samples and swatches — and Inspiration!

1. Know who the sofa is for

When customers come to us for advice we first ask who the sofa is for and how the room will be used. This gives us a chance to start thinking about functionality as well as style: How many people need to be seated at once? Do you have pets or children? Will elderly or disabled people be using the sofa?

Living spaces these days need to be multi-functional, so knowing how the space will be used throughout the week helps us determine a style and configuration that suits comfortably into your daily life. Remember — a sofa is more than somewhere to sit down!

Alexander and james Tod corner leather sofa

2. Take a video/photos of your room

You might know your room off by heart, but recollections from memory get lost in translation. If you take photos and a short video clip of your room, it will really give us a sense of your space and what we have to work with. It’s also a handy reference guide when you walk through our store and try to picture a piece in your room. Make sure to do a full 360 sweep of the room, making note of the entrance and access.


Long Island sofa by Neptune
Long Island sofa by Neptune

 3. Calculate the room dimensions

This is when we ask you to be specific! The dimensions of the room are one of the most important pieces of information to have prepared when it comes to buying a new sofa! What is the total room size? Make sure you take measurements, twice – just to be sure!

If you already know what kind of sofa, or even the dimensions of the sofa you want. Then take some masking tape or newspaper and map out the size and shape of the furniture on the floor, and then take another photo. Walk around the room and see how the space will flow. You’ll immediately get an idea of what will and won’t work.

4. Think about the configuration of your room

Take some time to consider how a new sofa will complement your room. In more traditional rooms, sofas are usually against the wall, but in open-plan spaces, the furniture creates and defines the living area — so you may have a chance to get creative with modular sofas. Take a note of where the doors, windows, radiators, TV, fireplace and plug sockets are, as this could determine where the sofa is positioned. And even though south-facing rooms are highly desirable, the extra sunlight can lead to fading over time.


Saddler sofa by Alexander & James
Saddler sofa by Alexander & James

5. Bring samples and swatches — and Inspiration!

Finally, we always encourage you to bring samples of your flooring, fabric, wallpaper, paint, and colour schemes. This helps coordinate the sofa and tie the whole room together, to create a finished look that complements your home, and other items you may have already picked out. Let us know if you have any Pinterest boards or inspirational images from Instagram and that will guide us on the right aesthetic path.

Remember to keep an open mind throughout the whole process — don’t limit yourself. If you fall in love with something that goes against your original idea but fits perfectly with your space and lifestyle — go for it!


We hope you found hope these tips helpful as you begin your sofa shopping journey. If you’re still doing some sofa soul searching, and would like more advice, contact us today or visit our store in Navan. In the meantime, why not browse our collection online so you have an idea of your favourites…

Thank you for reading. Until next time, happy furniture shopping


Welcome to The 1933 Furniture Co. Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the first post on The 1933 Furniture Co. blog! Established over 85 years ago, a lot has changed since we first started making furniture. Three generations later, our family-run business continues to evolve and grow. Displaying the very best furniture brands from around the world, in our store in Navan, Co. Meath. Less than an hour from Dublin, just 90 minutes from Belfast, and 3 hours from Cork.

We’ve got lots of exciting changes coming up over the next few weeks and months at The 1933 Furniture Co. Such as new collections, upcoming sales and exciting launches exclusive to Ireland. We’re also going to be sharing lots of helpful tips and advice when it comes to buying furniture for your home. Because let’s face it, good furniture is hard to find!

Who we are

As we start a new chapter at The 1933 Furniture Co. We thought we’d start off by introducing ourselves, and who we are. As our name suggests, we’ve got a rich heritage in furniture design and manufacturing. The foundation of our family business has been built on quality furniture. Which we continue to do from our facility in Navan. We’re proud to bring over 85 years of experience in the furniture, design and manufacturing industry to you, our customer. From what is still very much, a family-run business.

Customer Focused

We want you to love the furniture you choose for your home. To help you enhance your living space through conscious, thoughtful furniture design choices. We take great pride in our passionate and experienced team of staff. They can’t be beaten on their knowledge, insight, discerning style and eye for detail when it comes to furniture and interiors. We do everything we can to make sure that the right furniture, fits the right family. We’re interested in your house, your room, your family, pets and lifestyle. What style you like, and what look you want to achieve in your home. Rather than sell you a piece of furniture, our warm and friendly team of staff are on hand to help you find what’s best for you – it’s not just a sale.

We’re not trying to sell you what we have, we’re trying to sell you what you want.– Fran, The 1933 Furniture Co.

Design Led

In the past 15 years of retail, we’ve expanded our retail store to display a wide variety of the best living, dining and bedroom furniture from around the world. Including Natuzzi, Tetrad, Alexander & James and Neptune. Inspired by the large international furniture shows across Europe and America, we’ve created gallery-style room settings to help you imagine what your chosen piece of furniture could look like in your home. By maintaining high stock levels, we’re able to offer immediate delivery on many of our most popular ranges, with no hidden charges. Our buying team work hard to source quality, design-led furniture and pass savings onto you.

The 1933 Furniture Co. Blog

We’re so excited to share our news, knowledge and experience with you and help make good furniture easier to find. We want The 1933 Furniture Co. blog to be your go-to source of information when it comes to furniture. Sharing helpful tips and advice on everything from what to do before you go furniture shopping. Choosing the right furniture for your room layout, and what to do on delivery day. To our sale periods, launches and new collections available at 1933. Please comment below with any questions you have, and we’ll cover them in upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned!

From The 1933 team